Tom Rietveld

Graphic Design - Photography - DSLR Media

Three videos I shot with Marijn Willigenburg for The Raef. This band from Utrecht recorded their debut album in their own studio ‘Barn in the Meadow' and they are well on their way to charge any big stage near you soon! We shot the songs in the BITM Studio as well. Gives you an insight in this nice, rural but professional studio, owned by Jordi Langelaan.

Video: Lady

Video: Let Your Hair Down

Video: Little Bit

So what happened in 2011?

Through this blog I will give an insight to what I’m doing creatively. I’m gonna use my personal website as a portfolio first, but this little blog will get some inside scoops and behind the scene’s footage:)

Though I studied Graphic Design in Utrecht, and photography has always been a big part of my designs (rather than say illustration), with the upcoming HDSLR cameras and all their accessories my passion for film is getting bigger by the day!

I’ve always had a great passion for film, I imagined having a Canon XL2 or XM2 when I was in my teens. Completely unaffordable at the time, nowadays pro-sumer cameras are more affordable and anybody who invested in some solid lenses will have great benefits when using the video function of a dslr.

I make clips, stills and stop motion. Preferably of extreme sports, music, lifestyle and travel. but I’m up for any challenge…

So far I’ve done some graffiti stop motion with my good friend We’ve worked on a wall in Utrecht, ordered by the local authority, as well as an After School Daycare in Houten. More collaborations will be done in the future!

Right now I’m doing video. As much as I can! And if you see anything you like, don’t hesitate to contact me!